Creating the correct corporate image for your business is very important. Striking that first impression is vital and we can help.

I've been having the most amazing time being creative for my Cerus Botanical Designs photo shoot.
I needed shots for my Website, Facebook page, business literature, my van and a striking logo.

This gave me the perfect excuse to go shopping. Plants, containers, accessories - how much fun can a girl have.
Then the best bit, two whole uninterrupted days in my log cabin workshop.
Just me, the dogs and some music.
The perfect mix for getting creative and designing stunning displays.
The photo shoot was heaven, being even more creative on the job.
Thinking of new shots and design mixes as we photographed.

I have to say it was fabulous from start to finish.
We ticked all my boxes and I now have a stunning portfolio.

If you’re planning a photo shoot for your business / product, I would be delighted to work with you to style your shoot.

Please contact me, to talk through your requirements.
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