20 Years Of

Welcome: to my years of experience in floristry and design, to creating a style that’s all your own, and to enjoying beautiful things you can afford.

I invite you to take a moment to step into my beautiful world of floristry and design, where my years of passion and expertise have been poured into creating an enchanting floral haven.

In my workshop, I specialize in crafting opulent displays using silk flowers and foliage, occasionally accentuated by fresh blooms and dried florals. This approach results in designs that are captivating with an air of elegance and charm. I love incorporating elements from nature's bounty and sharing insights and techniques through social media platforms and immersive workshops held here at my Botanical Headquarters nestled amidst tranquil woods.

With over two decades of experience, my portfolio includes stunning arrangements for weddings, funerals, corporate settings, homes, and prestigious events.

Located within my family's serene 75-acre woodland in Buckinghamshire, my workbench is where dreams take shape through the interplay of silk and fresh blooms. I am passionate about sharing my love of floral creativity through my intimate interactive workshop sessions. This is where anybody with a love for flowers can unlock their botanical creativity.

I'm excited to connect with you and share my journey of floristry and botanical wonders. Stay updated with Workbench News on Facebook, discover Corporate Updates on LinkedIn, and subscribe to my quarterly newsletter for upcoming workshops, events, and exclusive offers. Let's embark on this floral adventure together!


We have workshops available throughout June!